neuro-developmental pediatrician

neuro-developmental pediatrics

Hi there.

My name's Sarah Barnett, and I'm an MD who practices neuro-developmental pediatrics. Welcome to my tiny, cozy, kid-friendly, family-centered specialty medical practice north of Boston… and beyond!


Here’s the scoop:

Kids are awesome. And being a kid means living right in the middle of an amazing time of growth and development.

And for some kids, development looks a bit different. Concerns might be raised by a parent, a primary-care pediatrician, or anyone else who’s got a kid’s best interests at heart.

As a neuro-developmental pediatrician, I combine medical training and over fifteen years of experience to identify developmental issues. And then I work with families to address these challenges for the long term.

Among the challenges that my patients face:

* Autism Spectrum Disorders Asperger profile;

* Anxiety;

* Attentional issues (ADHD);

* Delays in speech (expressive, receptive, or both).

Finally, I’ve learned over time that the more quickly I can put a kid and a family at ease, the easier it is to identify what's going on and how to help.